John Garvey is an results oriented, experienced, passionate, problem-solving database IT professional who offers expert level skills in SQL Server and MySQL databases as well as database support for just about any other database.

He is available as a part-time independent consultant.  He excels in situations where a strong technical resource is necessary for project completion or a skilled, part-time database administrator(DBA) is needed.                                              

Services offered                                                                                                                 ---------------------                                                                                                         Database administration                                                                                         Database development and SSIS package development                                               Business Intelligence including reporting (SSRS), ETL, and limited analytics               Technical support for your PHP, python, Ruby on Rails, or node.js project                             

Potential clients                                                                                                                 --------------------                                                                                                                 IT Managers, Directors, and VP's                                                                               Business leaders, Marketing managers, entrepreneurs and web developers                         Business Development managers - when lining up resources for your next project                 Mid size or small business owners                                                                                      

John Garvey has 20+ years of extensive DBA and project expertise.  He has worked with all major databases and many of the less popular ones.  See a list of databases supported on the next tab!

Contact him directly now with a personalized email, text or call to get started. Generic job postings and third party representation requests will not be honored.                                          

Contact information: 

John D. Garvey


Available in the Chicago area, parts of southern Wisconsin and remotely.

Phone calls will be returned within 24 hours.  Thank you!